Lake Washington Lacrosse of Kirkland Washington. #GOKANGS #LWLAX



LW Lacrosse is a privilege, not a right.

Each player is held accountable to the Team, teammates, and coaches for all on and off the field conduct.

Our Philosophy at Lake Washington Lacrosse, sets priorities in this order

  1. Family, 2. Academics, and then 3. Lacrosse - in that order

‚ÄčTrying to DO More than these 3 things during the season is very, very difficult.


***For HS players: Grade checks will happen Mid-March, after spring Break and before the Playoffs. A student must be in good standing with LWHS to be eligible to play in contests vs another team. As Per WHSBLA rules.


Practice Attendance:

Players make a season commitment to teammates, and coaches.

Practice attendance is recorded daily beginning 3/2. HS League Rule “All players must have practiced 10 times prior to their first contest with or against another NON-LW opponent."

Arrive early – Be fully prepared when practice starts

Excusable absences

  • Injury treatment, illness, school work, family, medical / dental, etc.
  • Prior to missed practice - the player must contact Coach Hush, with reason for absence.  Coach’s contact information on team website. Text is typically quickest on day of absenses.

If a player is chronically late or absent- they will need to meet with Coach Hush to make an individual plan. This plan could include decreased playing time, or additional responsibilities outside of practice.