Lake Washington Lacrosse of Kirkland Washington. #GOKANGS #LWLAX



Managing a Lacrosse program with multiple teams and a 100+ players, coaches and staff across the whole year is complex. Some elements are managed by the Lake Washington Lacrosse Board and others are managed by the Program Director.

Lake Washington Lacrosse Board:

President: Scott Hirnle

HS Coordinator: Connie Chinn

Registrar and Treasurer: Mitch Hettinger

Secretary and 78 Coordinator: Jocelyn Rameriez

34 Coordinator: Cathey Hettinger

56 Coordinator/ Fundraising: Joanie Thomas

Recruiting: Brein Goodrich

Lake Washington Program Director: Dejon Hush

34 Coordinator: Cathey Hettinger


Kang Team Coaches / Team Parents:The Board and the PD, partner together to coordinate events.

Then work with Team Parents and Coaches to manage the day to day team communications,

schedules and events with the goal of having the coaches spend as much time as possible with the players

and the Team Parent being the primary connection to the parents and the community.