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The Lacrosse program is completely dependent on parents and guardians in the three key areas of financing, volunteering and being a fan. Without this support the program cannot run.

We appreciate and acknowledge that every family's situation is different. For some families, time and financing are easy to give. For other families, time or money might be more of a challenge and we understand that too. We look for each family to help the best they can, where and when they can, and we trust that we will have more than enough time and money to do what is needed to give the players the best HS experience.






Due Date


Managed By

Spring Registration


$895 HS

$595 78

$495 56

$395 34


Feb 15th

  • Insurance
  • Field Rental
  • Game Day fees (scoreboard/ press box)
  • Required minimum staffing

LW Board

HS Specific



  • Camp Waskowitz HS Retreat
  • Video processing Krossover
  • Weekly Team Dinners
  • Senior Night


Team Trip




  • Hotel
  • Food stipends
  • Van Rentals

LW Board

June Team


April 15th


Tournament Registration/ Fee

  • Insurance
  • Field rental
  • Required Minimum staffing


Fall Ball



Sept 1st

  • Indoor Registration/ Fee
  • Insurance
  • Field rental
  • Required Minimum staffing


November Season/ Winter Training HS




  • Insurance
  • Required minimum staffing
  • Field Rental


Winter Training HS



  • Field Rental/ Gym
  • Insurance
  • Required minimum staffing


Program Gap costs per Player - funded through donations/ fundraising

HS $550

78 $450

56 $400

34 $400


  • Field Rental- TryLax
  • League Athletics Website
  • End of Season Awards
  • Game-Day/ Annual Program
  • Helmet Decals
  • Event Merch
  • Loaner Gear program
  • Team Gear
  • Athlete Scholarships
  • Coach Support (Gear, Training & Software)
  • Team Equipment (eg. Balls, cages, etc…)

LW Board




  • Typical minimum costs per student athlete each year











Many companies will provide matching funds for financial donations employees make to qualified charities. In some cases, companies will also make a financial contribution for each volunteer hour their employees spend on qualified charities. The LW Board is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization.
Please consider if your donations can be matched by your employer and submit the requests whenever possible.



We appreciate that families have their own views and abilities when it comes to paying for their student athlete's program costs.

If a family is able and wants to write a check upfront for the season costs and not engage in community fundraising, that is fine. For others, the LW Board coordinates several fundraising activities throughout the year to help families defer the program costs. These events include:

  •  Giving Campaign - Players collect names of extended family, neighbors and friends and email asking for financial contributions to meet the gap.
  •  Auction procurement -Families procure a minimum of 2 items to be auctioned off at our  “Annual Auction/ Social”. The Social is a chance to eat, drink, socialize and bid on fabulous merchandise.
  • Annual/ Yearbook Advertisements – Players/ families can solicit advertisement space in the program wide year book.
  •  Amazon Smiles 



When possible, the LW Board offers: partial and/or full financial scholarships for student athletes for who are in need. Our goal is to never have finances hinder students who want to play Lacrosse.  The board now has a formal process, and financial aid is based on family size and income. The matrix used is standard with that of the Boys and Girls Club and Park and Recreation.

LW Lacrosse gratefully accept donations from individuals and businesses that wish to contribute to funding individual scholarships.