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Change Team: 
This Week in LW Lacrosse

Hi 78's 

We all hope you are getting out enjoying the sun, staying safe and active.

Time to get off the coach, give yourself a brain break and move your body.



Lacrosse drills:

The Pro League, PLL, has started putting out some good at home instructional video

Cradling/ Dodging:


Shooting: Rob Panell is arguably the best Attackman in the world. He was not highly recruited out of HS. He now runs a lot of his drills through his company Attack Academy


Ground Balls: The College coaches have come together to start showing videos,their players do that you can do on your own

This is from High Point University Coach


Defense: wins games

Here is pro player Kyle Hartzell showing a simple drill you can do at home



Face Offs: Greg Gurenlian has made this a science, college kids go to him to learn DRILLS


Go find your wall: This is one of my Favorite Wall Ball videos. Casey Powell one of the all time greatest lacrosse players. The other player Brett Queener, is actually a goalie with ridiculous stick skills.

Have fun, stay active and safe. We hope to see you all soon.


PS if you do anything creative, take a video and send it my way and we will post it on our Instagram and to our Twitter account, so all of the other KANGs can see you putting in work.

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Get better every day

A Note from Coach Steve,

"Hi all-
Well this is not how I thought the season would go, I hope all of you and your families are staying safe.
I miss coaching you guys, its been tough.
Complaining about the cold and the rain at practice for us coaches seems a little insignificant right now.
The enthusiasm and talent on our team is amazing. I hope we may be able to salvage any type of season, but if not I encourage you to sign up for summer ball where we can show how good you are.
Stay safe, play wall ball and keep the faith, we will get though this together.
Coach Steve"
And here are a few things for this week for your players:
I know your players have different ways to receive info, One social platform that has great learning going on is Instagram
For Face Off Guys
for All Players
For Goalies

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A Challange has been issued

Hey Kangs

Hope all are well

We have been challenged

“Woodinville is challenging you all to post any Independent skill work done at home by your players while exercising social distancing and being responsible to our community, to post and use the following hashtags. #WalaxWallBallChallenge" and #GREATEREASTSIDECHALLENGE and #KINGCOWALLBALLCHALLENGE


Don't forget to Hashtag #LW_LAX also. PS Tyree has already posted don't get left in the dust......





















Other skills to work on:

Scooping: This guy, Mikey Powell, actually did a front flip while dodging in a game once- Really, no Really (look him up)

Then go create a zig zag course in your yard and get after it.

use your feet to kick the ball then grab a Gb

use your stick to “Goose” or hockey the Gb


Shooting: is a whole-body skill

We hope all are Safe and well, enjoying some time with the family.

Next time I promise some fun ones to try. Wink Wink

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This Week in LW Lacrosse

Hi All,

We hope you are well, staying safe and adjusting to our new home patterns with the Covid-19.  Given the extended school and City parks closures, We will keep you posted on resuming the lacrosse season pending guidance from government officials and LWSD.

In the meantime, Coaches will be putting together a couple skills a week for players to work on. Goal is to practice the skill for 15-20 minutes 3 times over the next week.

Here are the first 2 videos for your player, which they can do at home, on their own, or when they need a brain break:

Stay safe,


Dodging starts with cradling in lacrosse, which is equivalent to dribbling in basketball.  You need to be able to do this skill proficiently to be able to move up the field, shoot the ball and get past a defenders.

Use a tennis ball at home so you don’t break anything in the house- wink wink

  • cradle and split (switch hands, like a cross over in basketball)
  • roll and switch hands (like a spin move in Basketball)
  • hitch and cradle (like a pump fake in Basketball)

Set up some cones in the back yard, In a zigzag pattern.

Take a walk round the block and dodge trees, fire hydrants etc.

Stand in the living room and practice skills standing still.

The stick is an extension of you, the player, and the more comfortable you are with your stick, the better a player you will become.

Then of course get out there and hit the Wall.

Send me a 10 Sec clip of your routine and I will post on our Social media and you can join the GELL/ WALAX Challenge. Or just send a picture of your favorite wall or a cool wall that you play at and I will post for your friends to see.

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Season Update

Kang Families,

Our league, the Greater Eastside Lacrosse League (GELL), has just announced that all league contests will be suspended until April 24th.  This is following Governor Inslee’s school closures and King County Exec statement prohibiting gatherings of groups, recreation related, or event related.  

Lake Washington Lacrosse has made the leadership decision to follow their direction and guidance as it relates to our K-8 team activities and will also suspend games and cancel practices until April 24th.  

As we anticipate many questions, know we are working on this diligently.  This is a challenging time for us all and our leadership team has been navigating through this evolving situation as best as possible.

For those families who have players on the High School team, we will communicate the most up to date guidance and details on dates and move forward plan once a decision from the WHSBLA (the HS governing body for lacrosse in the State) has informed us.

Thank you,

LW Lacrosse Board


From the GELL (Greater Eastside Lacrosse League)
“Following on the announcement by Governor Jay Inslee, the GELL Executive Board has made the decision to postpone all GELL activities scheduled through April 24.  


Inslee announces school closures in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties


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From the GELL League
"The GELL Executive Board has decided unanimously to postpone all GELL games scheduled for this Saturday 3/7. The number of programs with closed fields has increased and is likely to grow. I will be marking theses games as "CANCELLED" in the GELL system tonight. If these games are rescheduled, it will be by extending our season and appending those games at the end. 
We will continue to monitor the situation and will make a determination and announcement for the 3/14 games by Thursday 3/12 next week.


The GELL Executive Board"


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GELL “One Team In-Season” Rule (adopted by vote of 14-1-2 on 10/12/2017)

Youth players (grades 3-8) within all GELL member programs may only play for one team during the GELL spring season. The start date for playing for one team only is the Saturday of President’s Day weekend and the end date is the end of day Monday of Memorial Day weekend. The prohibition includes practices, tryouts, and games of lacrosse. Only lacrosse activities are prohibited.

Any GELL program with a player who violates this rule will be subject to a financial penalty and possible sanctions to be determined by the executive board.

Intra-program swinging of players, as specified in section IV rule 4, is allowed.

This rule does not apply during the optional fall ball season.

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Stephen Saunderson 
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