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Hi HS lacrosse players,

What a time we live in. At this point in the season we would have gone on a retreat, played 10 games, had 2 scrimmages, a couple back to back game days, a couple JV games, dressed up at school, this weekend we would be on our Portland overnight trip and Monday gearing up for a final season push.

I drove through Kirkland the other day, with the kids, and when we got off the exit Tyree immediately asked if we were going to a game. Even he has muscle memory.

This week: We will be setting up a Zoom meet up for the team on Wednesday at 3:30 pm. I will text and email the players the link on Wednesday morning.  It will be a time to reconnect and check in and see what each other has been up to. Jump rope has been the work out of choice in the Hush house.

The future: We have started reaching out to Summer Tourney Directors and all have added divisions that allow seniors (2020 graduates) to play so that HS teams can enter together and have a chance to play. We are actively looking to enter these events as a KANG team.  This will be dependent on player availability. Some dates we are looking at...

Weekends of  June 12-14, June 26-28

Weekends of July 10-12, July 17-19, July 24-26

Keep your minds sharp, your body in shape and yourself and family healthy.

Some more Drills for you guys:

The Pro League PLL has put out a “Stay at Home” Series with drills for every position

“In Tight” Drill with Kyle Hartzell

check out Jules Heningburg as well (Z Drill)


College Coaches have started also putting together videos of drills they use to make their players individually better.

“Coaching through Cancellation” Series


PS if you are doing anything creative during this time, take a video and send it this way and we will post it on our Instagram and to our Twitter account, so all of the other KANGs can see you putting in work, well rounded and amazing our players are.  Currently waiting for a piano song from Senior Henry Serr, and a past drum solo from Senior Owen Mercer.

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Get better every day

Hi HS families

As the Governor issues the stay at home order to go til May 4th, we are still in limbo.

Now is a time to think about all the things we can do that we never have time for.

  • Have dinner with our parents (without devices)
  • Read a book for pleasure (novel idea)
  • Get better right now at lacrosse, in your own home or backyard
  • Watch some lacrosse.

Earlier I sent the players some IG handles of pro players and college coaches that are on the cutting edge of their field. Hopefully players are watching videos and gleaming some new ways to work on skills.

This week I have found a couple of videos I would like to share for inspirational purposes- See where your game can get to, so enjoy:

This guy is the wall ball GURU- TRY 2 ball wall ball

Matt Gibson


GO to our HUDL account I have started making some outtakes of different games- first up the AR game from last year

heck you might even see your player- Warning there is a lot of falling down in the Outtakes.


For those that think they are ready for the next level

D1 Richmond Spiders Defensive footwork


This is my all time favorite Wall ball Video- Just goes to show you can wall ball Anywhere.

Casey Powell all world and the other guy is a goalie, Brett Queener Stick skills 

Be Safe, Coaches are missing the team.


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A Challenge has been Issued

Hey Kangs

Hope all are well

We have been challenged

“Woodinville is challenging you all to post any Independent skill work done at home by your players while exercising social distancing and being responsible to our community, to post and use the following hashtags. #WalaxWallBallChallenge" and #GREATEREASTSIDECHALLENGE and #KINGCOWALLBALLCHALLENGE


Don't forget to Hashtag #LW_LAX also. PS Tyree has already posted don't get left in the dust......

























Other Drill to Keep sharp

Work Hard

Shooting: you've seen this before





Face off guys






Have fun be safe, be better at something tomorrow than you are today.

Shooting: you will all like this one




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This Week in LW Lacrosse

Hi HS families

 We hope you are well, staying safe and adjusting to our new home patterns with the Covid-19.  Given the extended school and City parks closures, We will keep you posted on resuming the lacrosse season pending guidance from government officials and LWSD.
In the meantime, Coaches will be putting skill homework assignment for players to work on. Players need to email me first to receive the homework. A nudge from your side would be very grateful. The Homework will be split into 3 categories.


  1. Conditioning: footwork and stamina building activities
  2. Individual skill: building , shooting, dodging etc... First 
  3. Lacrosse IQ: Every player will be invited to access out Team Hudl Account to watch video
Here are the first few videos for your player, which they can do at home, on their own, or when they need a break.
Wall Ball:
Players should email me so I can get them invited to the LW Lacrosse Hudl account
Stay safe.

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Season Update

Kang Families,

Our league, the Washington HS Boys Lacrosse Association has just announced that all league contests will be suspended until April 24th.  This is following Governor Inslee’s school closures and King County Exec statement prohibiting gatherings of groups, recreation related, or event related.  LWSD has also cancelled all field usage until the school closures are lifted.

Lake Washington Lacrosse has made the leadership decision to follow their direction and guidance as it relates to our High School Program and team activities, LW Lacrosse will suspend games and cancel practices until April 24th.  (including Captains Practices)

As we anticipate many questions, know we are working on this diligently.  This is a challenging time for us all and our leadership team has been navigating through this evolving situation as best as possible.

Thank you,

LW Lacrosse


From the WHSBLA:

In light of the recent announcements by Governor Inslee and public health guidance and expectations around social distancing, the WHSBLA is announcing the following:

· All WHSBLA contests (any form of play against an opponent) are suspended indefinitely. 

· Regardless of your program's affiliation with your school/district, your program must follow the mandate set forth by your school district.  For example, if your school district has stated that school sports may not practice, then your lacrosse program may not practice.

· In preparation for a return to play, all non-league contests will be cancelled.  The WHSBLA Board will work to put together a shortened conference schedule.”

Inslee announces school closures in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties

Inslee announces school closures in King, Snohomish and “


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Please be reminded of WHSBLA rules regarding player eligibility
12.6 WHSBLA Player Eligibility 
12.6.1 - During the WHSBLA high school season, starting with the first allowable practice date, through the WHSBLA state championships, WHSBLA athletes may not practice or play lacrosse with any outside team or program other than their WHSBLA program. 
12.6.2 - Any WHSBLA player participating in any lacrosse activities with an outside program during the WHSBLA season will face suspension up to becoming fully ineligible for WHSBLA play for the remainder of the season.

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